We all want to keep our phone looking good, even when it's built as tough as the LG G2X (and it's European twin brother the LG Optimus 2X) is. For many, that means
a hard shell case like the Seidio Surface

. It's tough, easy to use, and looks great on your phone.

It's a two-piece design that slides together and latches, built from a tough yet flexible material that is about 1mm thick. Putting it on and removing it is a piece of cake, just press down on the shorter of the two pieces where they meet, and the interlocking latch will open and the sides slide right off. Once together, it's a solid fit and feels great while holding and using your phone, thanks to Seidio's soft touch coating. It gives the plastic a premium feel, without the lint collection superpowers that come with rubberized cases. It's also easy to wipe clean, just be sure to remove it first.
The case is also perfectly cut to allow access to all the controls, ports, and even the dual speaker openings on the bottom of the G2X. The camera and flash are left open as well, so you won't be seeing any shadows on that excellent camera the G2X has, and it even keeps the lens cover off any surface if you lay the phone down on it's back. The case also wraps around the front edge and corners, keeping that expensive beveled glass screen safe.
And the Amethyst looks hot! Check out some more pics after the break

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