In a press release today,

has announced their intent to add LTE Advanced capabilities to their existing network infrastructure. LTE Advanced is true 4G technology as originally defined by the various groups that define such things, and this will be its first appearance. The LTE Advanced tech standards call for peak download speeds over 100 Mbps, and Clearwire says their trials have exceeded 120 Mbps. That's fast.
Clearwire also is quick to mention that they are not abandoning their existing

network or customers, and expect to gain over 2 million additional users throughout the rest of 2011.
The big winner here looks to be Sprint, who already has a business arrangement with Clearwire and has announced a
partnership with LightSquared

to bring LTE to their customers. Customers have 4G now with Wimax, "better" 4G later with LTE, and "real" 4G with LTE Advanced. Sounds like someone has all their ducks in a row, let's hope it pans out. Read the full press release after the break.

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