There are lots of ways share information between your
Android smartphone

and a device like a smart TV or computer, but the folks at Clik have just made it easier than ever. They're the same people behind
Kik messenger

, and their new Clik Smart TV Platform launching today shows the same style of innovation and attention to detail we've come to know from them. It's a software platform for folks who build apps for Android and

, who want to go further than the small screen on our devices can go. And I think they've got quite the handle on it.
They have released a demo application that uses YouTube to show off how it all works. You install the app on your phone (there's links after the break) and run it. Point the web browser on your other "smart" device (I've tested
Google TV

as well as ChromeOS) to

and you're presented with a QR code to scan. Scan it, and you're connected. Browse through YouTube on the app running on your phone, and the content is displayed on the bigger screen. All with zero set-up and zero headache. You can control things like the volume, fast forward and rewind, even pause the video using the buttons on your phone. For a proof-of-concept app, it's really done nicely, and bodes well for the type of apps we should expect using the new platform technology.
I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out, and I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this one. Hit the break for a video demo of the YouTube app in action, a handful of screen shots, and the press release from Clik. Happy viewing!

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