If you're waiting for the
Motorola Xoom

, and a Costco member, Feb 24 looks to be a lucky day. A tipster just sent us in this image of an internal Costco doc all about the new

tablet, complete with a few juicy details:

  • Wireless reps at Costco will be receiving their demo device on on or about Feb 22.
  • A pallet full 'o Xoom will be shipped to each store for display on Feb 24.
  • You'll be forced to sign up for at least a month-to-month or pay as you go plan before they will sell it to you.
  • And maybe most interesting -- they'll have 10 reasons why you should ditch the iPad.
While pricing would have been nice, it seems like
nobody has a straight answer for that one

. If we find out, we'll be sure to let ya know. Thanks anon!

Costco getting ready for the Motorola Xoom on Feb 24

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