When it comes to CyanogenMod, Samsung Galaxy S owners have been mostly left in the dark. Fortunately, those days may be coming to end. Some very dedicated developers over at XDA have been hard at work and have gotten a semi-working port of
CyanogenMod 7

(that's Gingerbread) up and running on the
Samsung Fascinate

. Trust us when we say it's still a work in progress, but progress is being made nonetheless.

There are still a lot of things not working properly. Lights, camera, Bluetooth, most of the sensors, GPS, WiFi, MMS and a lot of the hardware are not functional yet, so this is probably not something you'll want to be using other than for test purposes. So, if you're daring, hit up the source link for the full download. [
XDA Developers


CyanogenMod 7 port now up and running on the Samsung Fascinate -- sort of

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