we told you about Donn Koh and his San Francisco based One & Co

, and how HTC purchased the firm after they fell in love with the design of the
HTC Diamond

. Donn went on to design the

, which many feel changed the face of smartphones across the globe. Donn and his partners didn't stop there, and today we're going to have the same look at the
T-Mobile myTouch 4G

Six months in the making, Donn describes how he was asked to turn T-Mobile's existing myTouch monkier into an upscale flagship name using the best components available at the time. The goal was to evolve into a premium device, without losing the recognition consumers had with the myTouch series of phones. It was important to keep the same feel and identity as the myTouch 3G Slide, then T-Mobile's current myTouch offering, while including changes that T-Mobile executives wanted -- like the large metal battery cover.
Donn goes into detail about how he and his team tackled things like the signature three-element earpiece grill, as well as the physical buttons and optical trackpad. He also talks about his goals to design the docking stations with a minimal elegance that allows the device, and it's screen, to remain the focal point. If you're any type of design student, or just appreciate a beautiful piece of hardware and all the work that goes along with it, it's another must-read.
Donn Koh Studio