If you're an Android wielding NFL fan, this season just got a bit more interesting, as DirecTV has released the NFL Sunday Ticket application to a slew of new Android devices, including the
Motorola Xoom

Galaxy Tab 10.1

. In the press release, The Xoom, Tab and all Motorola's Android offerings are listed, but a quick peek at the Android Market website shows it as compatible with all my devices listed, including the oddballs like the
Kyocera Echo

and the Android player on the
BlackBerry Playbook

-- you'll have to check and see if your device is listed for yourself (link after the break).
You will have to be a NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber, and there's the matter of the pesky $50 "to-go" charge for on device streaming to contend with. More information about that can be found at

. Considering the cost of a frosty beverage at FedEx Field, it's a price many NFL fans are willing to pay. Hit the break for the full press release and download links.

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