If the stock Android calculator isn't quite enough to fit you needs, have no fear. App developer Doug Melton has ported the AlmostReal TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 emulators to Android. I've been monkeying with the TI-86 version for a few days, and have to say the job is very well done. Support for TI-Basic is included, so hours of geek fun can be had writing those small programs many of us love to tinker with. It even works as a calculator, too!

You can grab the TI-86 version (my personal choice) after the break, or visit
Doug's AppBrain page

to see the other choices, as well as a few other apps he's written. Thanks Doug for the beta copy, and thanks everyone for sending this one in!

Droid does trigonometry with a slew of TI calculator emulators

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