Well, the
Droid Incredible

had a good run, didn't it? We
knew this day would come

, and now it finally has as the phone is no longer up for order on Verizon's website and it appears retail stores are selling through their remaining stock - end-of-life.

First rumored

all the way back in December of 2009, the Droid Incredible finally
launched at the end of April

2010 and very quickly did its best to sell out across America as Verizon users went Snapdragon crazy. From
day one it was on backorder

, and demand was not satisfied well in to

. In addition, the "DInc" was one of the first phones to get updated to Froyo after a
leaked version of the RUU

made its way on to the Internet. Here in Blacksburg, it is hardly possible to turn around without seeing someone texting, browsing, or gaming away on a Droid Incredible.

However, there is some good news on the horizon for the DInc faithful (myself included) - we have reliable information that a Verizon-branded version of the
HTC Incredible S

could be making its way to American shores very soon as the Droid Incredible 2. As in very, very soon. Until then, why not head on over to the Android Central Forums and talk about your
favorite memories of the Droid Incredible

? [

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Droid Incredible reaches end-of-life, Droid Incredible 2 might be just over the horizon

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