There you have it, folks. The
HTC Thunderbolt

on Verizon, in all its unofficial glory. We show you the rear here (and the front after the break) because it's what's most interesting to us. That appears to either be a speaker underneath the kickstand, or an exhaust port for some sort of warp drive. We're leaning toward the former, as we're not expecting HTC to go dual-core Snapdragon just yet. But that be a happy surprise, would it not?

Also note that there's a "With Google" label, so we're not expecting any of that Bing nastiness on the Thunderbolt. Droid Life's got 11 more pics you should check out, so hit up the source link. We're gonna be
all over this thing at CES next week

. [
Droid Life


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Droid Thunderbolt breaks cover -- with a speaker under that kickstand?

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