The Motorola Droid X is a a looker to be sure. And to properly show it off on your desk or bedside table, you're going to want to check out the
Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger

. But it's more than just a way to keep your Droid X charged.

The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger also will serve up high-definition video from your Droid X to your television, via a port in the rear of the charger. You'll have to provide your own HDMI cable, though. But it does come with a lengthy microUSB charger, so you'll have no problem keeping your phone juiced.

The dock itself is a matte black plastic.There's a large, metal bar that extends about halfway up the rear of the phone, to keep it from falling out and damaging the microUSB and HDMI ports. It also has a magnet that senses the Droid X nearby and launches the multimedia desktop mode (more on that in a second). The bottom of the dock is made of a nonstick rubber, so it won't go sliding around your desk.

The Droid X sits sideways and automatically switch into a special multimedia desktop mode when inserted. You get a big clock with the date, weather info, plus easy access to alarm settings, a dimmer button, and music and photo icons.

The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X is
available now in the Android Central Store for .95

. We've got more pictures of it in action after the break.

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