Samsung has suffered another setback in the European Union. Weeks after a
German court ordered an injunction

of their
Galaxy Tab 10.1

, a Dutch court has ruled in Apple's favor against Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones. According to the decision, Samsung infringed on patent number EP 2059868, which is for a "portable electronic device for photo management."
Here is a description of the patent:
A portable electronic device with a touch screen display for photo management is disclosed. One aspect of the invention involves a computer-implemented method in which the portable electronic device displays an array of thumbnail images corresponding to a set of photographic images. The device replaces the displayed array of thumbnail images with a user-selected photographic image upon detecting a user contact with a corresponding thumbnail image in the array. The user-selected photographic image is displayed at a larger scale than the corresponding thumbnail image. The portable device displays a different photographic image in replacement of the user-selected photographic image in accordance with a scrolling gesture. The scrolling gesture comprises a substantially horizontal movement of user contact with the touch screen display.
The decision applies to three Samsung phones:

The three phones cannot be sold by Samsung's subsidiaries in The Netherlands or any other EU country that recognizes the patent in question. Samsung has vowed to keep fighting and the war is not likely to be over anytime soon. Stay tuned.
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