I've been playing with the Samsung Galaxy Note for the last week or so (be sure
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), and though I'm still digging the novelty of a 5-inch smartphone, there's one feature I'm still not sold on - the pen. Ever since the
HTC Flyer

, pen accessories have been making a quiet comeback to Android devices. The
HTC Jetstream

included one too, and now the Samsung Galaxy Note is having a go at the stylus.
We've seen a wholesale switch to finger touch input since the iPhone came around, so it's a bit anachronistic seeing stylus-enabled devices popping up again. Pen input hasn't been popular since Windows Mobile and Palm devices, and even then, it was mostly because the resistive screens demanded them. Of course, the devises making the rounds these days are using pens more as a secondary input with a few tailored applications, rather than being a necessity.

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