If you're an
HTC Evo 4G

owner who is looking to take your gaming to next level status then you'll want to be looking at picking up an EVOtainment System. Sure, it looks rather silly considering it's a bunch of Nintendo Wii accessories and a generic
Evo GPS dashboard mount

all stuck together with some nuts and bolts but judging from the video it'll turn you into a mobile

stomping machine when you couple it with
an awesome Nintendo 64 emulator


Do-It-Yourself kits are currently available for purchase at the source link for only $9.99 while quantities last. Keep in mind however, neither accessories nor device are included. They're just sparing you the time of having to piece it all together with a screwdriver. Check out the video after the break folks. [
WFB Gadgets


EVOtainment System - Only serious gamers need apply

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