It's admittedly tough to officially delay an unofficial device. But TechCrunch is reporting that's exactly whats happened to the fabled
Nexus Two/Nexus S

, the rumored Samsung device that
may or may not be along the lines of a Galaxy S

running a stock version of
Android 2.3


Head TechCruncher Michael Arrington doesn't have any sort of launch date, delayed or otherwise, but his unnamed sources apparently tell him that a showstopping bug was found fairly late in the game.

And that poses a couple of questions: It makes sense that this sort of device might be announced alongside Gingerbread. And we know Gingerbread is coming -- just
look at the statue on Google's campus

. So will Gingerbread launch by its lonesome? Or will it be held in waiting for new hardware? News at 11, folks. [
via TechCrunch


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