One of the coolest things (after getting a
Galaxy Tab 10.1

of course) about the first day of
Google I/O

was the fireside chat with the people behind Android. Chris DiBona, (moderator, and pictured) Dan Bornstein, Debajit Ghosh, Dave Sparks, Xavier Ducrohet, Jeff Hamilton, Andy Stadler, Dan Morrill, Dianne Hackborn, Rebecca Schultz Zavin, and Ficus Kirkpatrick all got up on stage and fielded informal questions from anyone and everyone, and they even pulled Tim Bray up on stage a few times.

Some questions were easy, some were hard, some were downright nerdy and quite a few didn't get answered. But huge props to everyone involved for getting up there and facing the unknown. I'm not going to cover every question, but I've got a handful of the ones I think you'll find most interesting, after the break.