With the slew of new tablets hitting the market we're going to start seeing new case scenarios for those front and rear facing cameras. One of them being meetings and conferences on the go. In order to make that happen though, their needs to be a killer app to lead the way.

FuzeBox has set out to make that app a reality and as such have just released their updated Fuze Meeting service which delivers multi-party video conferencing to Android smartphones and tablets. The new update, not short on changes -- creates a virtual conference room with real-time, 720p multimedia sharing and annotation right on your device.

Given the latest upward swing in business users trading their laptops and PC's for tablets, FuzeBox is poised to deliver the best conferencing app available to meet the needs of those users. Be it in an enterprise environment, right down to the everyday user. If you're looking to learn more, you can hop on past the break for the full press release from FuzeBox.

Fuze Meeting video conferencing app for Android smartphones and tablets updated

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