So you have your new shiny
Galaxy Tab

, and you want to
root it

. I like the way you think. The good news is that the days of SDK's, cryptic shell commands, and crazy Windows USB drivers are over. An app from the Market (z4root -- links after the break) will root your Tab, as well as other
Galaxy S

phones and other NAND unlocked devices with just a button press.

  • Download and install Z4Root from the Market
  • Enable USB debugging (menu>settings>applications>development)
  • Run the app, and press the "root" button

Your Tab will restart, and you're rooted. Unrooting is just as easy, just run z4root and "unroot." Of course a lot of the goodies available for other devices just haven't been made for the Tab just yet, but they're coming. Hit the jump for download links and a list of other phones this will work on. [
XDA Developers



Galaxy Tab root (and others) just a few clicks away with z4root root

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