Google is once again showering developers with cool swag at this year's Game Developers Conference. Just as some of last year's attendees
found themselves

with a free
Nexus One

Motorola Droid

, this year Google has been dishing out shiny new laptops, phones and tablets in an effort to get more studios on-board with Android game development.

According to reports on Engadget, devs at Google's web developer day yesterday found themselves with a free Chrome OS-powered CR-48 laptop. Today, lucky Android technical session attendees were gifted with a free
Nexus S

Motorola Xoom


While I don't think there's anyone reading this who would turn down a free Xoom or Nexus S, it's important to remember that free gadgets are a pretty small part of the GDC experience for attendees, who pay
hundreds of dollars for passes

. They're meant to be an added bonus for developers rather than a reason for attending, so you might want to think twice before making any plans for next year. [


GDC attendees given Xooms, CR-48 laptops and Nexus S phones

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