It's been a while since we heard any Gingerbread news for the
Droid 2 Global

, as Motorola seems to have slowed things down after finding some issues with Gingerbread. But thanks to Android developer aceoyame, we now have a leaked build to play with. It's not yet rooted, and there seems to be some confusion about it unlocking the D2G bootloader (spoiler: it doesn't), but it is
Android 2.3.3

and software version 4.5.606 with some new Blur and all the other Gingerbread perks.
Installing it seems to be a bit tricky, you need to be sure you are at a 100 percent stock .330 build, with no recovery or bootstrap installed. Aceoyame suggests flashing back to .330 with a clean wipe before attempting this update. As for rolling back, several say you should be able to SBF back to .330, but I've yet to find anyone who can confirm -- so you're going forward at your own risk. For more information, links, and installation details, hit the source link. Be sure to sing out in
the Droid 2 forums

if you give this one a spin!