Sprint's been more vocal than others about working on Froyo updates for its phones, whether
it's a blog post

, or
taking to Twitter

. But if you're thinking about bugging someone on the phone or in a store, you're not likely to get anywhere. Above is a memo that went out yesterday regarding the
Samsung Epic 4G


, and the
Sanyo Zio

. Clearly, there's no date scheduled for Froyo to ship, so don't ask.

You will, however, hear that Sprint "works closely with our manufacturing partners" in getting updates out the door and "as quickly as possible" and all the usual bullet points. No surprise there, other than the Zio's possibly going to get Froyo. We were on the fence about the Transform, but it's listed, too, so there you go.

Sprint's said it, and we'll say it again, too -- it'll be ready when it's ready.

Going to ask Sprint about Froyo? Here's what they'll tell you

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