pretty sure


is to be
Android 2.3

, but we're still missing the official

confirmation, and beyond that still waiting to hear exactly what the heck this point release will entail. It's certainly looking like there's a new
Android Market

in the works, though, with Google adding new fields to the submission that accept higher resolution icons, a high-res "feature graphic" measuring 1024 x 500, and an optional link to a YouTube-hosted promotional video. Google has also confirmed that up to eight screenshots will be able to be submitted in the near future, with a maximum resolution of 480 x 800. This could all be to make things rather more friendly for higher-res displays, like one would find on a tablet or a

, or it could simply be the web-based interface that the Market so desperately needs. We'll surely find out when Google dishes all the details on this next version, which should happen any day now. Any day now...
Google's spicy new Android Market to display high-res images, videos, be more tablet-friendly?

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