If you have yet to catch Apple's latest marketing attempts,"If you don't have an iPhone...", you have missed a series of humorous videos, in which they clearly have caught a case of amnesia. In Apple's latest videos they have hinted at being the only platform which contains an AppStore which contains all the best applications, but have they forgotten a lot of them are available on Android now in the ever growing

. Must we remind them of
Read It Later

Words with Friends

Angry Birds

, which are dual platform now. Also, they have hinted about iBooks being the only way to read books on a mobile platform, but what about the
Nook application

as well as
Google Books

, and many others? Come on Apple, we know you are scared by the numbers, but let's not forget others are doing it, and arguably better. Another video after the break. [



Update: Let's try this again. Shout out to
thisisliving93 at Youtube

for re-posting the first video. Seems like Apple didn't like the Internet watching it.

Has Apple lost it with their latest marketing campaign?

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