We're all a little bummed that AT&T has blocked the
Inspire 4G

from having full HSPA capabilities by
keeping the radio non-HSUPA capable

. To be honest, we expected this based on their track record with HSPA Android devices, and tricks that work with the iPhone, like limiting bandwidth for YouTube uploads, won't last very long once dedicated Android hackers get into the mix. They have the right to regulate bandwidth in the best interests of all customers, and just because you or I don't happen to agree with what they're doing doesn't change that. We'll leave that for the government to sort out.

Now for the fun part. It's easy to re-enable your high speed uploads on the Inspire -- turn it into a
Desire HD

. They are the same phone, just branded a bit differently, so it's not a difficult feat. The hardest part (read -- what you're going to be the least familiar with) is

the darn thing. The method is straightforward, but involves tools and processes that are pretty intimidating to the layman. We're trying to find just the right person to
help out and offer advice in our Inspire 4G forums

, and if that's you, please don't be shy. In the meantime, attn1 at XDA has a
complete Inspire 4G hack kit available

for those who feel up to the task.

Once rooted, it's as simple as installing one of the Desire HD custom ROMs and flashing a compatible kernel over it. Both are widely available, and
Android Revolution HD

from mike1986 over at XDA-Developers, with the
Telus Desire HD kernel

is a great way to start. Of course, we have a whole
forum to talk shop about hacking the Inspire 4G

, and you should jump in the discussion if you have questions, or answers!

How to enable high speed uploads (HSUPA) on your Inspire 4G [root]

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