You have a big, two-year investment in your
HTC Evo 4G

, and it makes perfect sense to protect it while you carry it day-to-day. While some can get by with less protection, say from a silicon case or skin, others need serious armor for their phone. Enter the
Otterbox Defender series case for the HTC Evo 4G


The Defender series case comes in three sections -- a tough polycarbonate shell (including a protective clear membrane for the screen), a thick silicon outer skin, and a face-in holster. With everything assembled, the Evo 4G is ready for a duty belt, on an ALICE pack I.E.B., or a tool-belt. It's also perfect for people who work in less stressful situations, but are a bit tough on their equipment.

Even the screen is protected, and the touchscreen works better than expected under the clear shell. The outer silicon layer wraps around all edges, and has well sealed rubber flaps over all ports and controls. The only part of your Evo that isn't completely covered is the earpiece and the microphone, which has it's own deep tapered opening. The trade-off of course is added thickness. The Defender does add a good bit of bulk to an already large phone, but nothing unnecessary, and it's very tasteful in design. If you need this level of protection for your expensive Evo 4G, you will understand and appreciate the way it is done here. And of course, the Defender series case offers its own kickstand since it covers the original.

There are more pictures after the break, and the Otterbox Defender series case is
available in the Android Central store for .95


HTC Evo 4G Case Review: Otterbox Defender

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