If you are the type who just can't resist gadgets that have the extra bit of cool factor, and have US $299 to blow on some (I know you're out there), you have to check out iGloLEDset now that it's come to the Android platform. Imagine a WiFi-enabled set of rope lights, that you can control in real time from your phone, swiping and pressing to control the colors and blink rate. It does sound really cool, but I'm not quite sold on MEA Mobile's idea that light switches are now obsolete and there will soon be an entire industry dedicated to their safe removal from walls everywhere.

For those who haven't already rushed to
order their very own set

for you holiday decorations, we have MEA Mobile's press release and a demo video after the break.

iGloLEDset brings the future of interactive lighting and lighter wallets to Android

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