At the
Android Developer Conference

in San Francisco today, Immersion has released the MOTIV SDK -- bringing the ability to completely customize haptic feedback on Android devices to both OEM's and application developers. The MOTIV SDK brings hundreds of pre-designed haptic effects along with code samples that allow developers to quickly and easily give their applications an extra layer of realism through feel. Examples include things like a first person shooter giving different feedback for a pistol than it would a machine gun, to more subtle things like each string vibrating at a different frequency in a guitar app. These enhancements are available for all Android phones running
Android 2.1

or higher.

Immersion says that small details like this make for better apps, and I'm thinking they are right. You can try out a demo of the available pre-built haptic feedback schemes on your own device with Immersion's UHL Effect Preview app (download link after the break), and the whole concept seems pretty ingenious. The full press release, as well as a video demo are after the break as well. [


Immersion releases MOTIV SDK to Android developers, takes haptic feedback to the next level

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