If you've been making use of a smartphone long before they were even called smartphones then the name Kinoma should be rather familiar to you. If not, now is a great time to get to know them and what they offer. Made popular on Palm OS, Symbian and
Windows Mobile

, Kinoma Play is now making its way to Android with their newly announced beta media player and platform services.

Having recently been acquired by Marvell, Kinoma is hard at work. Aside from the Android Beta they also have a new SDK coming for developers and OEM's that allows them to integrate Kinoma into their content and services. The full press release is available after the break but if you're wanting to get in on the Android Beta you'll have to head on over to the Kinoma website for the full details. You can also
check out their announcement post in our forums

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Kinoma Play for Android coming soon - Sign up for the beta today!

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