Begun, the 3D war has. And whether you're a fan, or a skeptic, there are going to be two high-end phones you can't ignore this summer that have embraced 3D technology. First out of the gate (but just barely) is the
LG Optimus 3D

. It's a specs powerhouse, LG is promoting it as the world's first "Tri-dual" architecture smartphone with its dual-core OMAP 4 CPU, dual-channel RAM, and dual-channel board configuration. It's a beast, no matter what criteria you use to measure beastliness.

There's more to user experience than specifications though. LG has went all out with a newly revamped UI on top of Android, as well as applications to support the 3D tech in the Optimus 3D. We've kicked the Optimus 3D around for a while, and put it through the paces, so have a look after the break and see how the sum of the parts works as a whole before it
hits AT&T later this summer as the Thrill 4G


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