New display technology in a ultra-slim form factor, the LG Optimus Black brings a high level of style to Android. But is it the phone for you?

LG Optimus Black

is the latest offering from LG Electronics, bringing a stylish form factor, the new "Nova" display technology, and some unique features on top of
Android 2.2

. If you're looking for the latest dual-core megabyte of RAM monster phone, you're looking in the wrong place, but not all of us are looking for that. One quick inspection of the phone will tell you -- LG wasn't trying to win a specifications race here, they have
other models

to fill that hole. Instead, it feels as is they were focused on design, and try to bring a new level of elegance to the Android platform.

The real question -- did they succeed? That's a loaded question, as we all have differences of opinion when it comes to what looks and feels high-end. Hit the break, and see what I think of the Optimus Black, and decide if it's something you will need a little alone time with and form your own opinion.