Have you been looking for the sweet weather widget from the
LG Optimus 2X

? I know a lot of you have, and thanks to XDA member Sony_Ericsson_X10 we now have it -- almost. He found that the weather-only portion of the Today Briefing widget inside
the Optimus 2X system dump

looked exactly like the widget we all want, and it works without any elfin magic. To take it a step further, the widget has already been edited to remove the black background if that's how you like it, so be sure to try them both. That's the edited version you see above.

Installing needs no magic either -- just download it and install, or use the
Sideload Wonder Machine

. There is one caveat, however. The widget will take one full screen unless you use a home replacement that allows for widget resizing. We recommend
Launcher Pro

ADW Launcher

pretty equally, and both will resize it just fine. Hit the source link for the downloads. [

via @macprv]

LG weather widget from the Optimus 2X system dump

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