LG quietly announced that the Optimus One line (
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) has breached the two million sales mark, with sales in North America leading the way. In mid-November, LG announced that the
Optimus line had sold over one million units in its first 40 days

, and just 20 days later they have sold over two million worldwide. The breakdown:

  • North America: 1.3 million units sold
  • South Korea: 450,000 units sold
  • Europe: 200,000 units sold
  • Asia 50,000 units sold
It's a great handset for the price, it
ships with Froyo and will be getting Gingerbread

, and has quite the
development community

growing. What's not to like? [

(Korean) via
Mobile Crunch


More than 2 million LG Optimus Ones sold

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