Dunno about you, but we'd be perfectly happy if Best Buy drops the price of the
Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 tablet

$100 when it's released on Feb. 17. (Droid Attic's leak also
apparently confirms the launch date


The $699 unsubsidized price isn't a huge drop from Verizon's $800 minimum advertised price --
news we broke on Friday

-- but it's a start. Chances are we'll see prices fluctuate -- they always do -- and we'll be on the lookout for those "Price so low we can't advertise them" deals. Again, you can sell for less than the MAP, you're just not supposed to advertise it. [
via Droid Attic


Update: Droid-Life was sent some sort of
"price verification" receipt

that shows $799. So $700, $800, either way, you might want to start getting loan papers together.

Motorola Xoom 9 at Best Buy?

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