Looks like a new version of the Android Market is being silently pushed out to devices running

, complete with a new tab to find related applications. Yours may say "Similar" as it does on the
Droid X

in the shot to the left, or it may say "Related" as it does on the
Evo 4G

to the right. For all intents and purposes, it appears to be the same thing with a different label.

While we can't see behind the curtain, it's pretty certain that there's
more on the way

, either with

or as an addition to existing versions of Android. (And, yes, this looks like
what we saw in that Gingerbread video

earlier today.)

Anyone else out there seeing Market changes?
Sing out in the forums

! Thanks, Andy, Javier, and Josh for the tips!

New version of Android Market brings a new tab to apps

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