As we slowly tear into everything new about the
Nexus S


, we're sure to come across a slew of little things that add to Android. Macro mode with a decent camera is one of them. Sure, it's not a professional DSLR by any means, but these kind of small improvements add up -- eventually we might be able to replace that point and shoot camera with our phone.

While I'm not likely to win any awards for my awesome photography skills, being able to whip out my phone and do this sure is nice. And the fact that it's baked into stock Android, and not dependent on a manufacturer's or carrier's value-added skin is icing on the cake.

So all you guys who picked up a Nexus S today (I know you're out there), take a break from
hacking it

and show off some pictures in
the Nexus S forums

. We like looking at your pics as much as we like taking our own.

Nexus S camera software sports macro mode

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