On this latest episode of :That eReader does WHAT??" the
Nook Color's

800MHz processor has now been overclocked to a full 1100MHz. Currently only for the rooted stock Barnes & Noble ROM, the new custom kernel adds some serious zip, and appears to be quite stable.

Our quadrant scores with the kernel max out in the mid-1200's, which are easily the highest we've seen on stock Eclair (
overclocked Nookie Froyo

yielded 1764).

The new kernel, from developer dalingrin, is easily flashed by
downloading this zip file

, placing it on your Nook's SD card, and installing in ClockworkMod Recovery.

After checking it out, be sure to stop by our Nook Color forums to give feedback and find out more. [


Nook Color overclocked again--this time all the way to 1.1GHz!

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