For those of you dying to get your hands on an official Android 2.2 build for the
Sprint Epic 4G

, it looks like one has found its way onto at least one phone. The update, which appears to be build DK28, brings the phone up to Android 2.2.1. Doesn't look like it's being pushed to a large number of phones yet -- in fact, the total as we see it so far is one, and it appears to be a dev unit -- so everybody stay tuned. [
XDA Developers


Update: You want the link to the DK28 update? Of course you do!
Grab it direct from Google right here

. For questions about the installation procedure, be sure to
visit the Epic 4G forums for all the answers

. Thanks dieselg5!

Official Epic 4G Froyo build leaks out (it's likely a test build, though)

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