The folks at

have sent out a press release that toots their own horn a bit, with very good reason. The social gaming network is the largest of the bunch with 107 million users, and in just two months they have released 230 games -- 24 of which are in the top 100 list in the Android Market. That's no small feat, especially when others are lagging behind and hiding behind cries of fragmentation instead of releasing new titles. You can check out the list of the 24 best in the press release after the break.
In addition, the first portions of their
next generation social gaming network

with new player profiles, status updates, and player walls has started rolling out, and are now live on all 700 games for Android. Sorry Apple fans, you'll have to wait until fall to see these features. With Android massive global growth, it only makes sense to see developers and publishers focusing on the platform, and I predict this is a trend that will continue. If you're a developer and are interested in using OpenFeint in your game, head to

for more info, and be sure to
drop us a line

so we can check it out. Read the full presser after the break.

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