gaming on Android has hit some more milestones this month. What started off as a rather small showing in the Android Market, OpenFeint is now adding is now adding over 3 million new Android users a month and have increased their gaming catalog 46 percent in just two months, making the grand total of available games 460 and growing. With that many users, keeping games fresh and new is always something OpenFeint is working on. With that noted, 16 new games have been added to the Android Market as listed below:

  • Abyss Attack, Deep Byte Studios
  • Angry Viking, Zaxis Games
  • Big Time Gangsta, Glu
  • Contract Killer, Glu
  • Dead Runner, Distinctive Games
  • Dogfight, Joaquin Grech
  • Froggy Jump, Invictus
  • Happy Vikings, HandyGames
  • Lyric Legend 1, TuneWiki
  • Nano Panda, Unit9
  • Riptide GP, Vector Unit
  • Robot Unicorn Attack, [Adult Swim]
  • ShakyTower, HyperBees
  • Stardunk, Godzilab
  • Wisp, Triolith
  • Woof the Dog, Fishing Cactus
Needless to say, Android game developers are making use of the OpenFeint development tools and doing so on a large scale. That makes for great gaming on the Android platform as a whole and, we're suckers for great games so kudos to

. Head on past the break for the full press release announcement if you're looking for further details.