Over the past couple of months Android has certainly seen an increase in quality games coming to the platform, but

is just not 100 percent satisfied with the comparison of iOS games to Android games. Taking matters into their own hands, OpenFeint has partnered with The9 in order to build up a $100 million fund that will help developers make the transition from iOS to Android.

We launched on Android to bring gamers great content. We’ve already helped launch 250 great games, but there’s still work to do,” said Eros Resmini, VP of Marketing at OpenFeint. “There’s a treasure trove of great games on iOS waiting for the rest of the world to discover. This fund will help make that possible for indie game developers.
We can sure hope that developers will begin to take advantage of these funds, and bring their favorite games to the Android platform. For more information about the partnership and the funding, check out the full presser after the break.

OpenFeint & The9 throw 0 million on table to lure iOS developers to Android

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