Prior to the release of the
Xperia X10

, Sony Ericsson made it clear to potential buyers that their premiere Android phone would not receive any multitouch love. However, in a recent post on their product blog, Sony Ericsson appears to be going back on their word. And that's a good thing. According to this post, some of their hardworking engineers were able to dig a little deeper into the driver and firmware for the touch digitizer, and enhanced (or enabled) its multi touch tracking.

They also mention that the X10's digitizer is not perfect when it comes to multitouch, so multitouch functionality will be very limited. How limited, you ask? Right now they plan on enabling pinch to zoom for just the browser and Google Maps. It might not sound like much, but when I stop and think about it, most of my pinching and zooming is done within those two apps. SE also noted that third party applications will also support multitouch/pinch to zoom on the X10, but the experience may be a bit buggy.

SE hasn't given an exact date as to when you can start using two fingers on your X10, but they're aiming to have this pushed out via OTA in Q1 of next year. [
Sony Ericsson


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Pinch to zoom still in the works for Sony Ericsson X10 family (really?)

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