These days, there certainly is no shortage of social networks. Some make it, some don't. One of the more recent ones taking off (and even catching some heat) is Pinterest. We're still waiting on an official Pinterest app, but that's say there aren't third-party offerings. If you're not familiar with what Pinterest is all about, we'll explain.
Pinterest allows you to collect and curate content from around the web. Find a cool picture you want to share? Pin it. Neat video? Pin that, too. How about a recipe for double-buttered pork loin? Pin that while you're at it. You can choose and create themes for your "pins" -- so say the pic you pinned was of a nice car, you would pin it to your cars section, also known as a board. Anyone who follows you on the service can see it and share it with others through Pinterest,

or even

. Simply put, it's a collection of things you find interesting and wish to share with others.
Access to Pinterest is by invite-only for now, but invites are fairly easy to come by, and getting your content to Pinterest is pretty easy as well. You can add stuff from your computer using a toolbar bookmark they call the "Pin It Button" and they also have goodies for websites that allow Pinterest integration. Or if you're into this whole mobile thing, they also have an app available for iOS. But what about an Android app? Nope. No official app from Pinterest to access their services.
To ignore such a large user base Pinterest must have looked into it and found there was no interest from the Android community in their services, right? Not exactly. If you look around Pinterest there are plenty of users
wanting a dedicated Android app

. Folks are sharing
all sorts of things Android on Pinterest;

it has even become
a small hub

for those wishing to share their Android apps. To their credit, they do offer
a pretty nice HTML5 site

and the iPhone app is fairly new so maybe they have an Android app in the works but if that is the case they've remained quiet about it.
So what can you do as an Android user to access Pinterest? Well, you can use the
HTML5 website

-- it does work quite well. However, if you're looking to check out some new apps there are
a few third-party Pinterest apps

available in the Android Market.
We round up a few Android Pinterest apps after the break.

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