Is Tegra 2 on a sub-$500 tablet too good to be true?

gTablet is Viewsonic's entry into the sub-0 Android tablet market

. While there won't be any shortage of cheap Android tablets, readers, and toasters (we have to beat the

guys in the race for the first smart toaster!) come this Friday, a few stick out hardware-wise, and the gTablet is one of them. Just so happens that I got a few days of one-on-one time with a gTablet, so what better way to play with it than to give it a quick review.

Normally, none of us here would dare review a device we haven't put through the paces, but this one's a bit different, because this is much more useful before Black Friday than it would be after. Hit the break to see the whirlwind review of the gTabet. Special thanks to Chip!

Review: The Viewsonic 10-inch gTablet

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