The concept of running
Android in automobiles

is far from being a new one, for better or worse. Saab however outlined today in a press release how they're hoping to change the landscape with their Android powered IQon infotainment system. So how exactly is Saab going to change it up? As noted in the press release:

An 8-inch touchscreen provides access to services, including audio and entertainment streaming, online navigation and on-board music storage. Saab’s ‘open innovation’ strategy offers the global developer community access to the full bandwidth of car communications – infotainment, telematics, systems monitoring and diagnostics. In this way, it opens up new dimensions in customer choice for the personalization of in-car services. Even applications specific to particular countries can be included.
Saab is going to be using open API's and is taking the lead by letting Android developers in the community create applications that interface with well over 500 signals from different sensors in the vehicle. Be it vehicle speed, location and direction of travel, driver workload, yaw rate, steering wheel angle, engine speed and torque, inside and outside temperature and more. While it's not available yet, the IQon system is being put to the grind on a test fleet of Saab vehicles and will be demoed using the Saab PhoeniX concept car at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Full press release and video can be found after the break for you all. [


Saab turns to Android for their IQon car infotainment system

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