Samsung Continuum

has finally entered the custom ROM scene, courtesy of Fascinate developer and Android Central adviser

. It's a basic ROM, based on the DL17 release, with none of the bloat and none of the Bing. In short, it's a de-odexed stock ROM with busybox added, and ready for others to fill in and create a masterpiece. And Adrynalyne doesn't even have a Continuum, but was able to create this with help from bubby323 and Logan302. Community effort FTW.

If you rock a Continuum (and I totally would if I had Verizon service here on the frontier) you need to have a look. Hopefully this is the start of a rich development community for one of the most unique phones of 2010. [
Android Central forums

] Thanks for the hard work fellas!

Samsung Continuum sees first custom ROM

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