Verizon has released the scheduled maintenance release update for the
Samsung Fascinate

, and it's not Froyo. Prepare your rotten tomatoes and pitchforks, because yes, I did say it could be

a few days back when
we got tipped about the update

. Unfortunately, it's just the DL09 update that many said wouldn't pass Verizon's quality control. Looks like it did

The good news is that it supposedly fixes the GPS (though many say differently) and offers a slew of other bug fixes and enhancements, and updates all those apps everyone wants to uninstall. For more info and instructions, hit the source link. [

Android Central forums

] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Want to discuss the good and bad about the update?
Check out the Fascinate forums

while I slink off and hide my head in shame.

Samsung Fascinate MR update released

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