Samsung Galaxy S II

is now rumored for release on Verizon in July. That comes from an unnamed Verizon spokeswoman communicating with Computer World via e-mail. Words like "plan for" and "expected to" are also used, along with "no date yet."

In other words, maybe it'll be released in July. (And
possibly as the Verizon Function


You'll have to forgive our skeptical tone, but until we see the official press release with the official date -- well, let's just say we've seen
unofficial Verizon roadmaps miss the mark

, the very drawn-out saga of the
HTC ThunderBolt

launch (not to mention the
Droid Charge

), the
entire revamping of the Droid Bionic hardware

-- and, of course, the
near-killing off of the HTC Merge


In the immortal words Boo-Boo Bera, the lesser known fictional cousin of Yankee Yogi Berra, "it ain't official till it's official, folks."

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