Samsung has released the open source portions of the
Galaxy Tab

operating system and made them available for download. Of course, much of their software isn't open source, so don't expect to see everything in the code. It is very refreshing to see manufacturers quick to comply with the license agreements, and my hat's off to Samsung for this.

For the average user, this doesn't mean a lot. Don't assume you can download and install anything listed here on your Tab. But third party developers can and will have a field day with this, so look for assorted enhancements, kernels, and hacks soon. The downloads can all be found at
Samsung's open source page

, here's what you're looking for:

  • S.E. Asian versions --
  • Hong Kong/Taiwan --
  • Brazil --
  • USA (T-Mobile) --
  • USA (Sprint) -- and
AT&T has not announced the model number for their version of the Tab, so while the code may have been released we're not yet sure which one to download. Can't wait to see what gets done with this! [

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Samsung Galaxy Tab source code released

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