Google's latest developer phone brings Android 2.3 Gingerbread and new hardware, but is it the right choice for the average consumer?

One of the biggest gripes many of us have about Android is the way manufacturers and carriers change the software. Whether it's an OEM skin in place of the stock launcher and desktop, or value added extras like Sprint TV or V-cast, or even the removal of core Google services like search and maps -- the first thing many new phone owners want to do it remove the "bloatware." Enter the "Pure Google" phones. The name Nexus gets us plenty excited because we know we're in for a pure Google experience, and the
Samsung Nexus S

is no different.

But is it a good choice for the average Joe? Join us after the break, and follow along as we have a look at the latest additive-free Android phone.

Samsung Nexus S review

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