If you've got an extra $843.50 burning a hole in your pocket, and you're looking to grab a
Nexus S

, Samsung and
Negri Electronics

something special

in store for you. This special edition Nexus S won't leave anybody wondering where your mobile OS loyalties lie, as its battery door is plastered with Android logos -- which of course lay underneath a big ol' Google logo.

So you can either buy a regular Nexus S outright from
Best Buy Mobile

for $529.99, or fork over an additional $313.51 for a cool battery door. Every other aspect of this limited edition Nexus S remains completely untouched. You're paying for the battery door.

My Evo has a vinyl Android sticker on the back of it, which I assume makes it a limited edition. We'll start the bidding at $313.51.

Check out a couple more pictures after the break. [
Negri Electronics



Samsung offering limited edition Nexus S -- battery door is peppered with Android logos

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